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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Alvin Lee ~ Goin' Home

...and still they pass into oblivion. Alvin Lee passed away last week, guitarist and vocalist for "Ten Years After" and bona fide Woodstock hero. Very few in my age group will ever forget his performance in the movie "Woodstock" of their song "I'm Going Home"

They started out primarily as a Jazz outfit playing small clubs in the Nottingham, England area and did one tour of America before being catapulted to Super Stardom in the "Woodstock" movie and soundtrack. The name "Ten Years After" was supposedly inspired by Elvis Presley, the fact that Elvis's biggest success was 1956 and the band being formed in 1966...Ten Years After.

They did not remain a Jazz outfit for long and soon became a blues/rock band. I saw them twice. Once at the South Mountain Arena in South Orange, NJ and once at the The Nassau Coliseum in Long Island. They left a life long impression on me and I will always love the band that was fronted by Alvin "fast fingers" Lee. Rest in Peace, Alvin, you're going home.

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