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Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Spectacular Gift

One should never discount the wealth that can be found inside the cover of a really excellent bathroom reader. Sure, magazines have their place, but quickly become dated. There's been a landslide of books published dedicated to read whilst doing ones "business" , these, however, are generally of poor quality and I for one quickly get bored with their inane bullshit. The perfect reader must be:
1) Soft Cover
2) Covers a subject you have an intense interest in
3) No long, drawn out stories
4) Stories can be read again and again, gleaning new information or revealing something you have not thought of the last time you read it

and finally:

5) The author has to know how to actually write and turns a great sentence.

Such a book recently fell into my hands at an unexpected time and from an unexpected source.

A dear, old friend of mine, whom I had not seen in years came back into my life recently. I forgot how much I admired his skills as a writer, a storyteller and just over all great friend. I am so much richer for having once again connecting with him. He was actually an usher at my wedding.

We are huge baseball and hockey fans, both loving the same teams and the overall sport they contend in. We can spend hours discussing, yelling and laughing about our two lovable teams and the dynamics of each sport. Recently he dropped by to watch a ballgame and handed me a book, not realizing it was my birthday, which made the gift all the more treasured. It was a rare, used book. It could not be purchased new and he had to scour the dusty, dank recesses of the internet to find it. To wit:

This book is a true diamond in the rough! A baseball card lovers Holy Bible of crazy, unknown players who plagued the game in the 50's and early mid 60's. Cards from my time, when I feverishly bought a pack at a time for $.05 each. The memories are overflowing and satisfying and the writing mixes the factual with dry wit of the authors poison pen. 

Bill "giant chaw in the cheek" Tuttle, Roger "Hapless NY Met" Craig. Ryne "Coke Bottle Glasses" Duren are just a small sample of the hours upon hours of great stories to be discovered and re lived in this book. Not only that, but one of the most important requirements for a first rate bathroom read is:

6) One's "Business" is performed smoothly and effortlessly  when this book is in your hands!

Vive la Brooke!

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